Forensic & Security is a firm created by digital forensic analysts, experts in offering cybersecurity consulting services to their clients.

Our know-how efficiently identifies the needs of the companies we work with and provides an effective response based on customized proposals.

The high degree of innovation that characterizes us allows us to add extra value to our services. The various areas of the company are staffed with cybersecurity professionals with proven experience and numerous success stories.

We are educators in different cybersecurity master’s programs and regular speakers at events, as well as trainers in forensic analysis for Law Enforcement Agencies.

Our secret?

Easy. We work on what we are passionate about, combining our experience and knowledge to achieve the best possible results.



The Forensics Security Operations Center (SOC) is responsible for monitoring, detecting, and identifying issues affecting information security. The goal of this center is to enhance the organization’s protection against cyberattacks.

Our security operations center offers a differentiated service that combines threat intelligence with 24/7 security surveillance and monitoring.

Our security service provides our clients with:

  • 24/7 cyberattack monitoring of their infrastructures 
  • Reduction of the average threat resolution time.
  • Mitigation of the impact of cyberattacks.

Deployment on each device of an agent that monitors what happens.

Identification and simplification of risks with periodic reports.
A rule engine that automatically detects and alerts of events that may pose a potential security risk.

Ability to provide information security monitoring services in a 24/7 format.

Forensic Analysis

When things go wrong there are ways to recover information and discover the causes of what happened. We conduct forensic studies that clarify what happened, how, and when.

This is essential for solving problems of employees’ unfair competition, in negotiations with cyber insurance, or in incidents where even a ransom for data is demanded.

We carry out expert studies that guarantee the evidential value of the evidence and allow their use in judicial environments. We are highly specialized in scams and fraud.

Specialists in Cybercrimes

Judicial and extrajudicial expertise
Website Certification
Email Certification
Quick Mobile Analysis

Offensive Security

The audit of the ICT infrastructure is based on security tests in which Forensics’ pentesting team validates the security of different systems to identify possible improvements in cybersecurity.

Types of Audits:

  • External Audit
  • Internal Audit / Workplace
  • WiFi Network Audits
  • Web Audit
  • Android and iOS Application Audits

At Forensics, we always offer different options so that the client themselves can decide on the study’s depth based on their specific needs, circumstances, and preferences. The security audit will certify the client’s compliance with good security practices. The main characteristics are detailed below.

Enterprise Services

Forensic&Security is a company formed by professionals who are experts in various fields of cybersecurity.

The high degree of innovation that characterizes us allows us to add extra value to our services:

  • Incident Response
  • Red Team
  • Digital Surveillance
  • Dissecting Unicorns
  • IT Due Diligence

Cybersecurity Consulting / Security Master Plan

The Security Master Plan consists in defining and prioritizing a set of information security initiatives with the aim of reducing the risks to which the organization is exposed, based on an analysis.

The implementation of a good Security Master Plan is essential for it to be aligned with the company’s strategic objectives, to include a definition of the scope and to incorporate the obligations and best security practices to be complied with by the organization’s employees, as well as by third parties collaborating with the organization:

  • Initiatives aimed at improving current working methods.
  • Proposing a set of improvements related to technical and physical controls.
  • Definition of the strategy to be followed.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Given that employees are the first line of defense in a corporation, and 70% of attacks have the human factor as the main breach vehicle, training users is a basic way to start mitigating cyber-attacks and scams suffered in companies.

Most users do not feel involved in the security of the company and leave all the responsibility to the IT department or the external service provider. Most users’ decisions are more emotional than rational in the face of a targeted attack, so educating our digital habits is the basis of a company’s first level of cybersecurity.

With the Cyber Awareness service for employees we generate secure behaviors in users, favoring the creation of a cybersecure culture.

  • Phishing simulation.
  • Educational opportunities.
  • Interactive modules and videos.
  • Newsletters, tests and surveys.
  • Risk reports.

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